About Us

Nestled in the woods, near a sparkling lake, Wesley Pines invites guests to let go of the stress and chaos of everyday life. To leave behind the demands and deadlines of the “real world” and retreat to a special place of peace and tranquility.

Ramble through the woods and watch the sun filter through the trees. Listen to the stillness, and hear the voice of God in the midst of creation. The beauty of the natural setting offers many opportunities for quiet reflection, spiritual growth, and meaningful worship.

Inspiration for individual worship is all around. The quiet nature trails, the praying hands sculpture, the prayer gazebo – all provide refreshing space set apart to be alone with God. The stained glass windows in the small prayer chapel create the perfect atmosphere for prayer and meditation. For group worship and praise, there are the Outdoor Chapel, and amphitheater with an earthen stage and wooden benches that seat 125, and the Tabernacle, an auditorium which seats 400.

Children and adults have enjoyed the serenity of Wesley Pines for more than 40 years. Many who returned year after year have passed the experience on to their children. Adults, who come hoping for renewal, find that lessons are learned, commitments are made, and faith is strengthened. They leave with fresh ideas and renewed spirits. Children, who come for the fun of camping leave with new skills, discovered talents, special friends, and unforgettable memories.



2 Vacuum cleaners

2 Sets of queen size sheets

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