Chap Fenwick


Executive Director

  • Give opportunities for guests and participants to quench their thirst for God
  • Stimulate sacred Sabbath time
  • Introduce silence and stillness as avenues for communing with God
  • Engage individuals in Jesus’ practice of prayer and solitude.

Sydney Storment


Hospitality Coordinator

  • Welcome the stranger – extend Holy hospitality
  • Covenant to love one another and to share the fruit of the spirit
  • Live out Biblical principles of Christian community
  • Offer opportunities to contribute to the common good

Mackenzie Shaw


Program Coordinator

  • Provide environments and experiences of genuine grace
  • Encourage a growing trust in God and decisions of Christian faith
  • Inspire people to open themselves to the spirit’s transformation of mind and relationships

Anthony Birch

(769) 777 – 8027

Maintenance Supervisor

  • Teach, model and involve individuals in servant leadership
  • Heighten the ability to perceive and to respond to teachable moments
  • Provide individuals with opportunities to grow in leadership by actually leading

Mission Statement

“Camp Wesley Pines is committed to continuing the ministry of Christ by serving the United Methodist Church and by providing a Christian environment for people of all ages amidst the beauty and grandeur of God’s creation.”